Wild Sierra Soap Club

$27.00 / month

Let us choose from our favorite bars for you each month. You’ll receive three different plain top soaps each month -PLUS a FREE sample bar of what is upcoming the following month for a sneak peak on what to expect! Let us choose from our favorites for you to add to clean up routine that we think you’ll love. Plus, subscribing means never running out of your favorite soap again! Know that your subscription soaps will all be made using our infamous Sierra snow melt for the water in our soap recipe. We blend organic oils (Coconut, Olive, Rice bran, & Castor), add a minimum of 5% Shea butter -some of our recipes have 20% Shea butter(!) add an amazing phthalate-free fragrance oil, some mica’s for color and blend. Six weeks later we have an amazing bar of soap for you.
Each month we will share with you the natural ingredients in each bar that’s in your monthly subscription.

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Each month you’ll receive our seasonal selection of three hand-crafted soap bars. We think you’ll enjoy our specially selected soap and hope it brings fresh scents to your life.


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