MT. Rose


A true rose scent from a phthalate-free fragrance oil that will bring a floral bouquet into your shower. With a shimmering enviro-glitter top giving tribute to the mountain top it is named after, this sparking pink ombre soap is made using the snow from the mountain it is named after. Snow melt is saponified with organic Coconut, Olive, Rice bran, and Castor oils along with Shea butter; for a rich creamy cleansing lather.

Ingredients: Sierra snow, Organic Coconut, Olive, Rice bran, and Castor oils, Shea butter, glycerin, fluorphlogopite, titanium oxide, tin oxide, manganese violet, phthalate-free fragrance oil.
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A glittering golden [Enviro-glitter] top is a tribute to the mountain where all the water we use to make the soaps at Wild Sierra comes from, this bar has a special honor to behold.
This vegan bar is Rose scented with a true floral rose scent. Made in the WSS tradition using Organic Coconut, Olive, Rice bran, and Castor oils along with Shea butter. Then, as with all our bars, it’s shelved to naturally form glycerin as it cures for a minimum of 6 weeks. That long cure time also allows for water to evaporate from the bar as crystals form at the molecular level for a long-lasting bar in your shower.


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