Live in the lather

We use locally brewed Nevada beer made with our Sierra mountain spring water to bring you our mountain brew bar. Never bathed in a soap made with beer? Ohhhh! Then you’re in for a ‘bubbilicious’ (Yes, we totally made that word up), bath time treat. Tons and tons of frothy bubbles (just like a freshly poured one) will envelop you as you bathe with this bar. Not only will it clean away the day’s grime, but it will leave your skin with delightful mountain freshness. We know that you’re just going to love looking as good as a crisp crystal-clear Tahoe day after this shower.

Plain Bar | 5.5 oz. 155 g.

Ingredients: Sierra snow water, beer, olive oil, rice Bran oil, organic coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin, titanium dioxide, mica, chromium oxide green, blue/purple pigment, phthalate-free fragrance oil

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