Believe train


Purifying charcoal cleanse

The Butterscotch scented bar is a skin-supporting engine powerhouse. This bar combines Organic coconut, Olive, and Castor oil with the powerhouse skin cleansing of activated charcoal your skin will appear bright and even. Add with over 10% Shea butter in this formula, you’re in for some super hydration. Activated charcoal carries away any impurities, encouraging a clear complexion.
To complete your ‘Believe’ gift box we’ve include a train ticket to get aboard with cleansing and a holiday ornament inprinted with the word ‘BELIEVE’ on it to jingle in the season (of super cleansing). We package it all in a holiday red box and have a golden colored ‘BELIEVE’ sticker on the lid. Believe ( in better skin cleansing),and you will once you start soaping up with the this holiday train.

Bar | 2.75 oz. 163 g.

Ingredients: Sierra Snow Water,Organic coconut, Olive, Rice bran oils, Shea Butter,Activated Charcoal, Glycerin [naturally formed in the bar as it cured; none added artificially], Butterscotch phthalate-free fragrance oil,

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